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Conscientious Politician

Truth, Honesty, Integrity are three items sadly lacking in modern politics. No wonder we hear the plea "there’s no-one to vote for". Well there is now. No more of the same old hackneyed phrases. At last, the choice of being hit over the head by 12 pound, 14 pound or 16 pound hammers can be rejected.

You have a chance to be discriminate, to effectively vote for yourself
Why should you vote for a "party" at all?
I am amazed at the number of people who think such matters should be left to politicians, as 'they were elected to represent and decide for us'. Did we actually choose any of them ourselves? No. They were imposed us by the political parties. The vast majority of politicians are self-serving, uncreative, arrogant spongers (notice how many entered the legal profession, as most are incapable of doing anything productive, except enrich themselves).

The EU is just an aggrandised version of more power to politicians. People must be given the chance to reject them.
A mini-manifesto of my proposed policies is:
Health – The Health Service is severely over-manned. Like a pyramid, it is top-heavy, with administrators. We need doctors and nurses. Solution: Ensure that for every clerical worker there are at least ten doctors and nurses.
Abolish the statistics. These are being manipulated by managers trying to retain their power-bases. Waiting times do not represent the true position. I know of one lady who was suffering from breast cancer. She was merely seen to take her off the list.
Tax – so many confusing changes. The Tax Credit System is a misnomer. It is a welfare benefit, and its operation via the Inland Revenue has not been a success. Witness the scare reports of excess repayments being made. Solution: Streamline the system. Abolish the now meaningless "Lower Rate Band" and the Lower rate of tax. Increase the Personal Allowance so that the starting rate of tax is substantially higher. That way, people in work will have a greater incentive to keep more of their money.
Transport – Penalising people is not the way. Solution: Encourage public transport, by heavily subsidizing it. Place timer clocks on top of traffic lights, counting down from 1 minute 40 seconds. That way, both traffic and pedestrians know how much time they have.
Pensions – Back in 1997, the incoming Labour government imposed a tax raid on pension and retirement funds. By withdrawing around £5billion a year in tax, the ability for the funds to grow were diminished. That did not help the confidence in the stock market as history has shown that the European stock markets have made better gains than in the UK. Solution: Restore the tax breaks for investors and pension funds, by allowing the funds to roll-up tax-free.
Long Term Home Care Home – Watch this space. Not a wide amount of publicity has been given to this creeping problem. The Government has imposed means-testing on those needing long term care. Whenever it can, the financial support is placed upon the residents of the care home. Means-testing is (again) applied. The get out is the reason for the need to go into care. Too many decisions have been adjudged by the Health Service Ombudsman that the Department of Health has wrongly placed the cost on the applicant’s/family. Solution: Stop the misapplication of means tests. Ensure that the saga of shame that the Department of Health’s missing of deadlines to protect older people is adhered to.
Others – I am here to serve YOU, the people who want a true voice in Parliament to speak for them in the way that it bests represents YOUR views. Not the views dictated to them by the Party Chiefs, and imposed by dictatorial means. Any other views that you might want included, let me have them.
Word of mouth is spreading. Support is welcome. If you would like to assist this truly democratic and independent candidate, please feel free to do so. Financial donations are especially welcome. The best way is to access the Website: There you can look at useful contact numbers, and addresses. Alternatively, leave you name, address and telephone number on my answering machine: 020-8491.5469, and I will arrange for some-one to contact you.