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Broadcasting Experience:

1. I have been on Talk Radio (26 November 1995) as a guest answering 'phone ins on the afternoon's budget speech. Subsequently on the same station in June 1998, and Talk Sport - March 2000, and April 2000
2. I have "read in" on BBC Radio Four's "Feedback" (February 1996 - twice)
3. Radio 2:
a) John Dunn (Mystery Voice contestant)
b) Ken Bruce (Pop Master contestant - winner, July 1998)
c) Richard Allinson (Mystery Voice contestant - October 1999)
d) Steve Wright (Big Quiz contestant - November 1999)
e) Johnnie Walker (Mystery Voice - February 2003)
4. Greater London Radio when it was BBC Radio London - as a topic interview.

With my love for Radio, and trying to be bright and cheerful, bring some "life" into an otherwise drab existence. Therefore I eventually became trained for:

5. London Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) - James Maxx - Tax Hints, on-air queries in January 2008 - Clive Bull (ditto) on 13 January 2013 (9pm to 10pm)

6. Goodmayes Hospital Radio Insert Link to Which serves both Goodmayes and King George Hospital (down the Southend Arterial Road),
where I presented Martin's Mighty Music Mix every Thursday between 3pm and 5pm, as well as helping out on their external fundraisers.
Being a Co-Host/Master of Ceremonies at the June 2000 Redbridge Show (Valentine's Park) was another function.

7. The Jumbo Sound - is the on-air name for Goodmayes Hospital Radio since August 2008, when it became available online at where Martin's Mighty Music Mix takes place at 8pm on a Monday. Click on the link, as it's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

8. Jewish Community Radio - together with co-presenters Roch Richards and Rob Lorrimer, a programme highlighting and interviewing the unsung background heroes of the community were aired. Sadly this Radio Station folded, but the idea of counter-acting the doom and gloom news stories in the media with good-hearted positive people remains.