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Conscientious Politician

Local Council Election 4 May 2006 – Roding Ward
Eventually after resisting party politics for five decades, I was persuaded by the local Member of Parliament after the General Election of 5 May 2005, to join. 

He convinced me that I had achieved, perhaps, as much as I could as an Independent.  Indeed it was over lunch at the House of Commons.  I thought about it seriously.  When the local elections were called, I was part of a team.  Three votes each were permitted for each voter.  I was adopted to represent my ward. 

The backing was superb.  The ward had been held by a rival party for the previous two council elections.  We were the outsiders.  The count became a re-count.  Other wards had long since declared.  Roding Ward eventually declared its result just before 5am.  I had failed by a mere 27 votes to gain a seat – although one of my colleagues failed by a mere 12 votes. 

When I was watching the votes being counted, I was proud that so many voters did not use all three votes.  So many single votes had been cast for just me.  The same was for my colleague.  I was heartened by this, and am warmed at the prospect that I seemed to have a reservoir of support amongst free-thinking people in my community.