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Filing of self-assessment tax returns by September 30 this was achieved successfully for most clients for the second successive year.


We note a small increase in "defaulting" clients.  Without up to date Financial Accounts, as well as TRIG Forms, we are unable to help those clients who fail to keep their twice-yearly requests from our firm.

Telephone calls taken by our answering machine please remember that:

We must have your telephone number as well as both your names (to avoid confusion when clients leave merely a first name).  A short message would also help us to identify the nature of your enquiry, as we might need to retrieve your file when we identify your query.


As the machine plays such a big part in communications today, please do not stay silent - each call uses up tape, and when full, others cannot get through. Often calls are returned by remote control (the wonders of modern technology), so those full messages can be returned within the same day.


If you hear "You are on call waiting, who is it please", there is just enough time to leave your name only.


In fairness to all clients, any messages left outside our office hours are not dealt with until we have sorted our morning post.


Posted Items We do ask clients to write their name (and address) on the reverse of their envelopes.  That way there is minimum delay in gathering in the files, and a swifter service can be provided.


Accounts Preparation Checklists for us to help you; we do need the items on the checklists.  Please use these, and keep our time - and therefore your costs - DOWN.


Letter of Engagement As this was signed by both you and us, it summarised that we will help you, and that you will keep the (free ABC) "Books", and provide the full details as and when called for.  In return, we will do all we can to "perform the miracles", but we are dependant upon full and prompt co-operation.


Record keeping Although our checklist referred to the fact that the self-employed need to keep and retain all original documentation (in case of Random Revenue Audits, etc), sometimes we are sent the purchases/stocks bills, or a vast amount of petrol bills, and other bills.  To go through these would be time consuming and would unnecessarily add to accountancy fees.  The solution?   Keep your bills - the free (ABC) Accounts Books have the info in them - (don't they?)


Recession? What recession? Haven't we heard it all before?  Talking to the many contacts we have established, all are agreed that we never seemed to come out of the last one.


Consultation Work Our practice has been picked out by the media as an adviser, etc, on financial matters.  Again, it shows how long hours are spent in keeping up to date in order to provide you with a top class service.  A comparison with other professionals has received the response: "you do all that for that low fee?"  Yes, and it is with your help and co-operation that we intend to keep it that way.   Can we count on your support?