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Filing of self-assessment tax returns by September 30 was achieved successfully for most clients for the fifth successive year.


Indeed again, this year, we even managed to lodge the majority by June. That way most clients were aware of the July 31 instalment, and could budget for their future tax bills. The January "bunching" of liabilities is in point here.


Clients are thanked for their input on this. It has been a pleasure to be in a position to help clients so completely and quickly. It frees both sides to attend to other matters, and means that most clients have benefited by economical fees.


As a gesture of goodwill, those clients who provided us with the full information by the requested time (end of April), they will have noted that our fee was reduced by a special discount to show our thanks for this excellent co-operation.


We note that there is still a small number of "defaulting" clients. Without up to date Financial Accounts, as well as Certificates of Interest Received (and TRIG Forms), we are unable to help those clients who fail to keep their twice-yearly requests from our firm.


Revenue investigations - We have frequent contact with many professional firms. The last twelve months has noted a shift in the way the Revenue is carrying out its checks into Tax Returns. This has mainly taken the form of asking to see the bills and vouchers for any expenses claimed in self-employed financial accounts. The time factor is expensive. Fortunately, those clients who have provided us with correct information, and at the earliest time, have come out unscathed. The use of checklists, which are always sent to clients, has helped even more this year, and so kept down costs. Please continue to use the checklists, for Financial Accounts preparation as well.


National Insurance - The Class 4 "contribution" that is added to self-employed business tax, has gone up around 48%. This increases the amount of each half yearly Schedule D liability. The Class 2 "contribution" remains at 2.00pw. It applies to all self-employed persons (who pay their tax every six months) and its administration was transferred to the Revenue in April 2000 and should be paid. This is done through the bank account either monthly or quarterly. We are reliably informed that the Revenue will be checking up on this, as many may have failed to pay Class TWO. The self-employed also pay Class FOUR, and this is combined with the Income Tax that they pay every six months.


Incoming Post - Again, please remember to put your name on the reverse the incoming of the incoming envelope. A return address would also help the Royal Mail.


Telephone calls - (office hours, please) again please leave your telephone number if, when you call and get the answering machine. Over the last twelve months this is increasingly being used. I, as the principal, have been assisting another practice in the locality extensively. However, this has not affected the high level of professional service offered to clients.


Internal Office re-organisation - sadly, Jeanette, who has provided such sterling long-term service has been forced to retire through ill-health. Thanks, Jeanette. Fortunately the services of Aileen have been obtained. She has settled in well over the past year.


Saving schemes for six monthly tax bills - If you would refer to our "Helpful Guide" that was updated in December 1999, you will note that we recommended using a Bank/Building Society to save for these liabilities. With the current interest rates being so low, may we point you to a "gamble" on Premium Bonds? The capital is guaranteed, and you might even receive a tax free win.


The media Even with such extensive time spent in keeping up to date, etc, your principal has managed to do a TV show recording. It's being broadcast on Thursday 8 November 2001 at 12.00 Noon on BBC1. It's called No Win - No Fee, although I've already dubbed it The Lawyers Lament.